Produsction Services

Longitudinal and Transverse section of cold,hot,galvanized sheets, etc
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Business Services

Supply and Sale if steel products, including coils, black and oily sheets, round bars, beams,etc

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Warehousing Servises

Unloading, Loading and Warehousing                            
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The achievement of the company with more than 23 years of experience

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Customers of Iron and Steel company of Sani Kaveh Tehran

Part Manufacturing industries   .
Automotive industries    .
Home appliance industries    .
Construction industries    .
Packing industries    .
Machinery industries    .
Pipe and Profile industries    .

Head office contact information

No.2, Golazin alley, Saadat Abad/ Tehran-IRAN

  • dummy TeleFax : 22382037

  • dummy info @

Contact information of the sales office

Factory: No.220, Chahardange 12KM Saveh Road , Chahardange/Tehran-IRAN

  • Tel (Management Department): +98(21)55250447-9
    Fax: +98(21)55271803
    Tel (Foreign Trade Department) : +98(21)55253514
    E-mail: Foreign.commercial @